Angekommen?! – Exhibition

4th of September until 31st of Oktober

Why do people from other countries come to us and what are their wishes for the future in Germany?

These questions are explored in an exhibition with 16 faces of people who came to us for love, school, education or work, or because their homeland can no longer be a home to them.
Many of their wishes are normality for us: to be able to live together with their family, to get an education and to be allowed to work.
What becomes reality for them? Their view of our country makes us think, because in everyday life we are often not aware that we are allowed to live in peace, with a functioning state and democracy.

The exhibition is organized in the framework of the Intercultural Week in Greifswald 2023 in cooperation with Dialogo del Mundo e.V..
From 04 September to 31 October, the exhibition can be visited on Mondays and Sundays between 14 and 18h in the STRAZEsaal, or by appointment via or 015733287879.

Admission: free