MINI-Festival in Greifswald

Samstag 11. November 2023

MINI-Festival in Greifswald (STRAZE), 11.11.2023
Yay, we are finally happy to announce that there will be a first MINI Festival.
MINI? What does that mean? Migrant Initiatives from MV, and in particular we want to address YOUNG people with it.
No matter if you are already organized in a group or just want to meet and network with people.
There will be different workshops, time to chat, get to know each other, exchange ideas and network. Of course there will also be something delicious to eat and we will end the day with good live music.
Our goal is for young migrant people from MV to get to know each other and to think together about how they can organize themselves in MV.
We are excited about what the day will bring and are looking forward to it! More information and a program will follow soon.
Feel free to write us if you have any ideas.
Participation is free of charge, we are looking forward to your registration (link in the bio).
Travel costs will be covered (only with original receipt).
Your MINI Festival Team