Event technology

This part of event technology basics is about sound engineering; how do I set up a stage? how many microphones do I need for a simple event stage and how do I connect everything safely.



Creating a podcast – made easy!

Have you always wanted to create a podcast? Would you like to know how? Come and learn it!

how to… Event organisation – how do I plan workshops and events?

We often have ideas for workshops and events - but how do we actually implement them? The aim is for you to be able to organise your own workshops and events with confidence.

Intercultural communication in a diverse team – challenges and opportunities

The workshop aims to raise awareness for respectful interaction in intercultural contexts.

Perceiving, dealing with and resolving conflicts – a guide to action

What kind of conflicts do I have in my everyday work? How do I deal with them? What kind of conflict type am I and how do I behave in conflicts? The workshop is about recognising, dealing with and solving conflicts.

Moderation techniques

How do I speak in front of groups of people? How do I moderate an event, a team meeting or a group?
Learn practical moderation techniques in this workshop.