Weltwechsel Closure-Event in Greifswald


Saturday, 27th November 2021: 3 – 8pm


The closure of this year’s Weltwechsel MV will take place at STRAZE.

About the event:

We, as House of Resources Greifswald, have the great pleasure of hosting the closure of this year’s Weltwechsel MV.

The programme includes joint reflection and the presentation of results of the Weltwechsel events. Further more there is room for exchange and networking in the context of a café in the afternoon.

Afterwards, we invite you to discuss with us the question: “What does justice mean today?”
In this panel discussion we also invite other inspiring guests.

The final closure of the day is a concert by the Iranian-Israeli group “Sistanagila“.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

You can register for the event below: