Moderation techniques


Sunday, 17 October and 07 November 2021
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. each
including break


Live in the STRAZE, Stralsunder Straße 10, 17489 Greifswald
Due to the pandemic, the workshop may be moved to an online workshop. If you need technical support for this, please contact us.


The workshop will be held in German. A translation of important terms can be sent before the event as preparation. Please indicate your preferred language(s) in the registration form. We will see if we can provide a translation.
Childcare can be provided. Please indicate in the registration form whether you need childcare for your child.

Who can participate?

The event is open to all people.


There are no costs.

About the workshop

Whether plenary, work meeting or other group meeting: Facilitation is usually helpful and can make a big difference. Facilitation can have many positive effects: a good atmosphere in the meeting, participation of all present, goal orientation and structure, making good decisions. This can promote the joy of working together and keep the group members motivated. It can also have a positive effect on the results of the work in the group.

The two-part workshop on facilitation techniques offers input on content as well as space for reflection and trying things out. The topics include basic facilitation skills, the role and attitude of the facilitator, facilitating decision-making processes and the choice of methods. Other topics can be adapted to your wishes. If you already have experience in facilitating, we would like to incorporate this experience into the workshop.

The workshop is also aimed at people who have little or no experience in facilitating groups. We would like to invite people who would like to try out facilitation or who are just starting to lead a group.


The workshop is organised by the House of Resources Greifswald.
The workshop is implemented by Kollektiv Konnektiv from Greifswald.

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