Rental & use of rooms

At the STRAZE we have a lot of resources that we can make available to you, e.g.
– Technology (sound and lighting technology, recording equipment, projectors)
– Seminar equipment (flipchart, pin boards, presentation case, chairs and tables)
– Computer workstations
– Seminar and group rooms

All things that are offered here, are offerd for free.

Below you can see some of the rooms that can be used in the STRAZE:

the seminar room
the movement room
the hall
the library

The following items are at our disposal and can be given for rent:

– Mobile sound system, usable with battery
– Speaker Charge 4
– 4 Wireless headphones, including 2 with noise cancellation
– Microphones (1x hand-held microphone, 2x as headset)
– Laptops (2 pieces)
– Laptop for cutting videos and editing pictures
– Projector
– Beer tables with benches (10 pieces)
– Folding pavilions / Gazebos (2 pieces)

If you want to rent a room or borrow material, feel free to contact us using the form below!

Can’t find what you would like to borrow here? Write us what you need and we will try to make it available to you via our network!